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The employees of RIKS have long-term experience in the technical operation of operative radio communications networks. During 1994-2009, the network of EDACS was operated – it was shut down in relation to bringing in ESTER, a new operative radio communication network based on TETRA technology, which covered the whole country. Since 2002, RIKS has maintained five base stations of the VIRVE network based on TETRA technology, which belong to Suomen Erillisverkot OY and are located on the North Coast of Estonia. These base stations serve both the Finnish and Estonian border guards in the Gulf of Finland and contribute to their co-operation.

RIKS co-operates with technical operators of operative radio communications networks in other European countries, in order to improve the security and continuous operation of networks. In addition, they collaborate with Airbus Defence and Space, the production company of the most widely used TETRA network equipment in Europe.

According to the conceptual plan for the construction of an interagency operative radio communications network, which was approved by the Government of the Republic on 3 June 2003, RIKS is the technical operator of the operative communications network ESTER. A respective operation contract has been signed with the Information Technology and Development Centre of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (SMIT, www.smit.ee).

The decision for joining the network of ESTER belongs to the competence of SMIT. Information can be received by calling the RIKS customer service number at (+372) 699 2222.

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